Study Tips and Websites

The following link has fun games that revolve around various vocabulary topics.  Try it and enjoy!  

Printable Spanish word puzzles:

Rockalingua has a nice variety of review activities, videos, and games for formal review or for fun exploration:


This is a fabulous website onto which I've downloaded all of the vocabulary for both seventh- and eighth-grade Spanish.  You can play games, print flash cards, test yourself, and look back at old vocabulary or ahead to new vocabulary.  Use this site often!

If you have not yet set up a quizlet account, you may be prompted to do so.  Follow the instructions; it's easy!

Follow this link to get directly to the vocabulary for our class.


This is another wonderful website where you can practice vocabulary by playing games.  There is a very generous number of options for students on this site.  Here'show to get to the vocabulary for our class:
1.  Go to
2.  Search for "lbuchinger."
3.  From there, you will be able to choose the chapter, lesson, and/or topic that you want to practice.  Have fun!
4.  If you want to go directly to the vocabulary that I've set up without doing a search, simply copy and paste this link into your browser:


A few websites that will lead you to free Spanish tutorials, activities, and resources can be found here:


This website has especially detailed grammar concepts and vocabulary themes that you can choose to review or study:


Another website that may be of interest for purposes of studying or practicing and testing your knowledge of the Spanish grammar concepts is:


To practice just about anything under the sun!  You get to choose the topic on this website:


To practice the days and the months in Spanish:

To practice with numbers in Spanish

To get connected to numerous current topics and news items related to the Spanish-speaking world:

To practice the Spanish alphabet:

To learn general Spanish vocabulary in a fun way, you can go to  From there, you can click on "change subjects" and "Spanish", or you can click on this link to take you directly to Spanish language learning:  ***Be aware that you can change your "level" on this game.  If you choose the easier levels, you will see that you know quite a bit!  

  • - music with activities for the songs
  • - video clips
  • - music with lyric fill in the blank games
  • - pod cast and worksheets
  • - flashcards and vocabulary games
  • - readings (more advanced levels)
  • - Grammar, music and culture exercises
  • - interviews/listening with native speakers
  • - Tecla index for readings
  • - Food
  • - Good for basic lower level cultural etiquette 
  •  -  noticias
  • - Colombian stuff 
  • - Literatura
  • - Grammar videos for lower levels

    Vocabulary and/or notes from class should be studied on a daily basis, even if your homework has been completed.  Use the following items from class to help you study.

    *vocabulary lists
    *notes taken in class
    *corrected homework assignments
    *make flash cards of your current vocabulary terms

    You may also access the Quizlet site to practice your vocabulary.   This is located on one of the other notes on the Study Tips tab.  You can access vocabulary from the entire 7th and 8th grade curricula, so you can review, study, or look ahead for a preview!