Classroom Expectations: Level 1A

Sra. Buchinger Aldrich

Spanish 1A

2018-2019                                      Room 68



  • To develop a basic foundation of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge.  Areas covered will include:

    • Greetings, goodbyes, time, date, numbers, and seasons

    • Descriptions of self and others, likes/dislikes

    • Everyday activities, places, weather, and pastimes

    • School, making plans, and talking about events related to school and social life

Required items:

  • File folder (no pockets)  

  • Spiral notebook

  • Writing utensil

  • Earbuds or headphones

Recommended items:

  • Whiteboard/dry-erase markers

  • Scotch tape

  • Flash cards



In Spanish 1A, Students will…

  • Be present and on time.

  •   Be prepared.

  • Complete homework on time.

  • Sit up and make eye contact.

  • Have nothing in hands, lap, or on desk other than materials needed for the activity.

  • Respond to questions.

  • Show they are trying to understand.

  • Use Spanish whenever they can.

  • Avoid blurting out or having side conversations.

  • “Play the game.”

  • Contribute to class in a positive way.

90% → Assessments

10% → Assignments, classwork, and weekly participation

A:  90%-100%

B: 80% - 89%

C: 70% - 79%

D:  60% -69%

E:       50%

Homework, Assessments, and Participation:

  • Homework will be assigned 2-3 times weekly.  Assignments will be distributed in class and started together.  An copy of the assignment will also be placed in the Google Classroom in case you forget to bring it home, or in case of absence.

  • Homework is to be complete at the start of class the following day.  Homework that is incomplete at the start of class will be put away and out of sight during class time when the assignment is discussed, with the expectation that it will be completed  later and submitted the following day. Copying an assignment during discussion will result in a zero on that assignment. Students will still receive partial credit for homework that is submitted late.

  • Assessment retakes occur rarely and in extenuating circumstances only.  If a student retakes an assessment, the first assessment and the retake assessment will then be averaged.  The average of the two assessments will serve as the student’s assessment score.

  • A participation grade will be recorded weekly, based on daily engagement and participation in all classroom activities.  This score will be placed in the “classwork” category of the grade book and will be based on the classroom expectations listed on the opposite side.  

  • The teacher will attempt to have a private conversation with you if there are concerns related to your participation in class.  Communication with home will occur after the third incident in a week. An office referral will be written if the issues persist beyond that.

Rules About Technology

  1. We treat all technology devices with carefully and respectfully.

  2. We use technology productively and as instructed.

  3. We avoid all social media including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google hangouts.

  4. We avoid games, videos, music sites, and any Internet location that has not been specifically permitted by our teacher.

  5. We are aware that the school discipline policy will be implemented if technology and its use are abused.

  6. We understand that misuse of technology will result in completing the assignment in paper/pencil format.


  • You will hear and read a lot of español.  Sometimes you won’t understand it. Don’t worry!  The more you see it and hear it, the more you begin to understand.

  • Use español whenever possible, mistakes and all!  The more you use it, the easier it becomes.

  • Expect to hear your teacher use Spanish often.

  • The purpose of learning a language is to communicate and understand!